Andrei Kariakin
About the project
"At zero in the morning, I left a lot of my feelings. I was watching from the sidelines. I was glancing at something indestructible and very important. Not daring to touch, I watched how life flows in the rays of the sun, sleepless at night, early in the morning, against the background of the blackening sky. Zero in the morning left prints on the film camera, and I can’t say for sure if it really was. With me or not, with you or without. Where to look? Probably nowhere. My biggest love never saw me for real. I just didn’t have the courage to open up to her. But I saw every ray of sunshine on my face, every strand in the wind and the glare in my eyes. All the photos were taken after our first meeting, four years ago, before I left for military service and left Russia, with almost no way to return. You won’t be able to forget, but now you will be able to touch. On these pages, my little story, life was divided into before and after, and nothing will ever be the same. I know we’ll meet again and be happy for a whole moment."
About the author
My name is Andrey, I am 24 years old. I am a photographer and a musician. In December 2022, my forced emigration began.

I came to Paris with a tourist visa and stayed with my uncle. Later I managed to get a long-term visa, as a person who could no longer stay in Russia for political and other reasons. In France, I continued to study photography and music, and the book "Zero in the morning" (12 am) became an imprint of my memory and past life, which will never be.