Anton Malinowsky
The State
About the project
Through these three impressions, I seek to answer if my people or me ever acquire freedom or if we are doomed to reproduce grim existence whenever any of us go.

The Luggage is the state of the past. They made this boy, who loves tanks and soldiers, a symbol of oppression. I was the same boy watching the same TV, who ended up with a bloody Kalashnikov in my hands. It was my destiny to pick up a rifle. I broke it. But even broken, will it always follow me as heavy luggage?

Apotheosis of sovereignty is the state of the present. To build up sovereignty, a human sacrifice should be made. 89 representatives of the constituent entities of the Federation laid down their bones under the old Soviet TV that brought them up. Is freedom something that is available for them only through death?

Evangelion is the state of the future. The most wanted TV show to date. Little swans will bring the wind of change on their wings. But will it bring freedom and hope or that’s another one ill-wind that will start the cycle anew?
About the author
I am a person who enjoys working with miniatures. So, I decided to speak some messages through my craft and manifest myself as an artist.
I escaped bleeding Russia, leaving my past and passions behind without any picture of the future. For now, I’ve been struggling in Kyrgyzstan for almost a year.