Caravan Rhythm
Album Dzielna Wspinaczka
(eng. Brave Climb album)
About the project
This album has been created for several years, it is a compilation of the best tracks from earlier albums. The first recordings were made during a meeting of colleagues in a small mountain village in Yunnan. Spontaneous meeting over tea and a pipe. Several musicians from different continents met to have a nice time together. People living today, without a clock, without a calendar. No permanent job, but a very creative person. Away from the original home… which is left somewhere. A bit like a gypsy. Later, the team switched to online mode.

In the end, I was left alone and that’s cool too. I play music when I feel like it, but I also have other hobbies and activities. I recently wrote a novel and thought it would be a good idea to create a playlist to listen to it while reading. These are musical illustrations, not traditional text graphics like in the book. That’s how this compilation was born. It lives its own life. Now it has gone to Bishkek, to you.
About the author
Long time ago… I was born in a nice city in Poland and I collided with the communist reality. I am happy to have been present since 1977. My name is Mateusz Wawrzyniec Żyliński.

I like art… a lot. Also, I like adventures. I have been looking for a place to live for several years. I know what this place looks like, but I still haven’t found it. My emigration experiences are variable. In Western Europe, you can earn well, but the price … to be without friends and family. Then I went east into the unknown. I lived for a while in Dali, Yunnan. I made money selling artwork on the street. We often have been meeting with friends to play music. One day a terrible virus came and everything started to be sick… but there were a lot of good times recording music, drawing, picking mushrooms and herbs.

Now I’m near Amsterdam. Something has drowned me here, but I don’t think I’ll be here for a long time. They don’t have mountains. Everything is flat.