Darika Bakeeva
About the project
I started working on this picture in February 2022, when I returned from Moscow to St. Petersburg and was going through a breakup with my boyfriend. In the picture I depicted myself running from a birch grove. There is not a leaf on the trees, as a symbol of the feeling of emptiness and cold. Despite this, the picture tells primarily about my liberation, so I run forward without outerwear.
About the author
The author was born in 1999 in Kyrgyzstan. From 2018−2022, she studied in St. Petersburg at SPbSUITD, majoring in the Art of Costume and Textiles. She currently lives and works in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The author works with traditional materials, mainly oil on canvas. The artist also worked with materials such as knitwear. In her work, she tries to convey the reality that surrounds us in a special way, in some cases even tries to change it a little in order to immerse the viewer in a peculiar mood. Speaking about the direction of her painting, we can say that she paints in the style of symbolism. Sometimes the symbols are quite obvious, and sometimes they are not.