Elizaveta Noch’
About the project
Each photo is a real section of the Moscow sky taken at noon throughout the month of February 2023. The numbers (order) of the photos correspond to the calendar days of their shooting.

Uniformity and at the same time variability, variability of one color — gray. This series is about the impossibility of migration, doom, about the state in which you are forced to stay for a short (before relocation) or a long time.
About the author
Elizabeth was born in 2001 in Moscow, Russia. Currently, she is studying at the BHSAD under the program of contemporary art, receiving a bachelor’s degree. She is a graduate of the BHSAD Foundation’s Art and Design Program in 2023. Now he lives and works in Moscow.

Elizabeth explores the themes of unfreedom, transitional and borderline states. There are no bright colors at the heart of the work, preference is given to the pristine neutrality of industrial and natural objects.