Imaginary Mike & Sasha Snova
About the project
We met in the spring of 2022 and immediately caught fire with the idea of collaboration. During the year, we worked out different material. The video materials were collected during the Siberian Videocampus expedition in 2020. These shots were transmitted by Natalia A. Strelnikova and created by her father. They depict the daily life of the inhabitants of the village of Bolshoy Ungut in the 70s.
In our work, we came to abstract images of our own and people’s memory, ghostly mixed into a continuous stream. Collective memories collected from images and fantasies form memory, and memory sets the shape of reality.
About the authors
Mike: "A couple of years ago I started learning how to play electronic lives. Moved to Armenia in early 2022, I decided not to torment old works and write a live from scratch in a new place of residence. For me, music is a means and language of expressing emotions, so this work can track my emotional background in emigration".

Sasha: "I left Russia for Yerevan after the war, in May 2022. I had the experience of moving before and I had been preparing to leave my home for a long time, but events accelerated dramatically. Before moving, I mainly worked with sports live broadcasts, and now I devote more time to video-live and other art forms. Life in general has completely turned upside down. Of course, I cannot say that I have become a different person, but I have become bolder and more honest about the issue of my choice. Misha and I met in the spring and rehearsed for almost six months, choosing how best to express the inner dialogue with the motherland we are experiencing".