Liliya Niauri
We Have Sofa/Who Knows?
About the project
Oil and collage on canvas, 105×110 cm, 2023, Tbilisi

The work has two names, the first part of the name refers to my personal experience in emigration, when you have nothing but your imagination, thoughts, feelings, hopes and talents, but oh, here’s a sofa appeared! The second part refers to the need to withstand uncertainty in the conditions of emigration, the ability to be in this uncertainty and build something new out of it.
About the author
Having an engineering degree, a son and a dog, for the last foyr years she began to practice painting and developed her own artistic method. It all starts with color. She mixes oil, pigments and collage. Oil provides plasticity, and collage makes it possible to enrich the picture with new layers. This makes the process similar to creating a sculpture. For collages, she incorporates fragments from advertisements, newspapers, drafts, and more, capturing the essence of her present life as a visual diary.