Conditionally Free
About the project
Three people participate in the performance: a volunteer, a judge and a performer. The judge is randomly selected from the crowd and decides on which part of the volunteer’s body the word "free" will be stuffed. The performer performs the tattoo exactly where the judge decides. Thus, the volunteer is conditionally free, because despite the meaning of the inscription, he did not choose where it will be all his life. We are all conditionally free one way or another. This means that despite the fact that to a certain extent people can make their own decisions and act at will (to become a volunteer), there are many external, social, economic and cultural factors that limit and affect the ability to choose and act.
About the author
My name is Alice and I am a slacker who dreams of becoming an artist. My favorite color is blue. I greet all the street cats. I have moved so many times that my understanding of what a "home" is has completely erased. I really like Sergey Yesenin, I even have a tattoo in honor of him. I love the sea more than the mountains, and St. Petersburg — more than all other cities. I started doing tattoos because I couldn’t think of anything better, and then I got sucked into. I’m still looking for my freedom in creativity. It’s still hard for me to accept myself.