Maria Makarova
My Naked Freedom
About the project
This is my first desperate, sincere text statement. I recorded it on the plane from Moscow to Istanbul. I needed somewhere to vent the feelings that had been tearing me apart for several months, some of them went into sculpture, but it wasn’t enough. This is my experience of personal boundaries and pressure, a complaint about circumstances. That freedom is most often inside you and even if the external factors of the existing reality are smeared, not always a change of place helps to get rid of them completely. We have to turn to the inner self, transform and live in the present.
About the author
Maria was born in 1989 in Krasnogorsk, Moscow region. Since childhood, she had a craving for sculpture and bright colors. In 2013, she graduated from the Stroganov Moscow Art Academy. 10 years later the academy was dedicated to architecture and interior design. In 2016, she became a mother, motherhood greatly influenced her, Mary decided to return to artistic practices. She reveals motherhood through sculpture and oil painting.