Marta Ciołkowska
We Shall Overcome
About the project
My work was born out of the need to listen to people’s opinions at various important moments in our modern world. Inspired by the words of Martin Luther King and Greta Thunberg (a figure of current events), I made a video installation consisting of a split screen, where people are filmed while walking, thereby creating a connection between people who have a dialogue with each other to solve issues related to the environment, climate change, war, immigration, and more.

My video installation entitled "We Shall Overcome" wants to be a common space, where everyone can express their opinion and at the same time become the change we hope for. Thus, a work capable of living permanently in its own time, capable of adapting to any place.

The most interesting thing is how we humans can unite and come together to solve issues collectively, and how artworks can inspire social change and encourage people to take care of the environment.
About the author
Marta Ciołkowska was born in Lodz (Poland) in 1993 and currently lives in Giarre (Catania), Italy. She has a Master of Arts degree in Interior Design from the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. She is engaged in video, installation, sculpture and graphics, exploring the topics of human relations and impact on the environment and the influence that the surrounding technology has on a modern man.

In 2014, she won a scholarship under the Erasmus+ foreign mobility program and studied for one semester at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. Over the past few years, she has participated in different international exhibitions, festivals, workshops and artist in residency programs. She is present in many catalogs and publications of exhibitions and art events.

Currently, she travels between Poland and Italy to implement her projects and participate in internships and workshops.