Mi Croevkhas
About the project
Free-form set (and barely prepared), combining various styles, as well as sources: digital + tapes + mixtape rips (so are they digital too?). Will it be played with controller and two walkmen. Most of the tracks are chosen blindly, and I don’t know exactly how it will sound. Improvisation! Freedom! Dance! Or death.
About the author
DJ and musician was born in Elektrostal, Russia. Used to live in Moscow, relocated to Bishkek. Run "dub continuum" label and mix series Different Fashion connecting artists and selectors from Russia, Jamaica, Great Britain, and Germany. Played in various venues like Mutabor (Moscow), Loophole (Berlin), Dada (St. Petersburg), and PLUR (Bishkek). Can’t say anything good about my immigrant experience. I ate kurut and met some nice people (some bad ones too).