About the project
Live performance on synthesizers and samplers. Approximately in the genres of plunderphonics, tribal, ambient, glitch.
About the author
The project appeared in 2016 and all this time worked at the junction of tribal, free jazz, noise and other extremes in combination with the art of the Moscow artist Valentina Erofeeva. The sound was based on the fusion of the sound of a drum kit and a daxophone, invented by the German avant-garde artist Hans Reichel.
We traveled around the country, performed at major festivals (Usad'ba Dzhaz, MMW, Bol', Svora, Potok, Bessonnica, etc.), made a number of interinstitutional collaborations with galleries, theaters, institutes; in general, it was fun. Of course, the departure affected us dramatically, because everything froze. And if I was a film composer/sound engineer by profession, I was able not to interrupt my work and continued to write, then Valentin immersed himself entirely in his professional environment unrelated to music (engineering and architecture) — circumstances demanded it.
In recent months, we have started to have new developments, but already in the electronic format, which is also not new for us, for example, the soundtrack to the queer drama AUTLO is our work.