Olesya Korbat-Rybak
7 Steps to Freedom
About the project
The presented series of collages "7 Steps to Freedom" is autobiographical. I tell you my way to finding inner freedom, which allows you to be, and not to seem "free". Each collage is a certain stage that I went through. With metaphorical images, I tell the story of events, experiences and visions that happened to me from the beginning of the war to February 2023. Cultural markers, historical images, fears, real life and dreams merged into one and came out of the subconscious.
About the author
She studied at the HSE at the Faculty of History from 2020 to 2022, studied unofficial Soviet and contemporary art. At the beginning of the third year, I left the university, having decided to emigrate. Thoughts about emigration have appeared since the beginning of the war, but then we felt it necessary to speak out first, and then leave. On March 6, my husband was captured and spent a month in prison; after his release a few months later, we emigrated to Khujand, Tajikistan, and at the end of November moved to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. A month later we flew to Istanbul, Turkey, and then to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina — here our Balkan journey of two months began. In the first month we traveled around Bosnia, everything here spoke of the past — the Bosnian war. After that we went to Belgrade, and then to Montenegro — here we met with representatives of the charity organization "Shelter", which helps refugees from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In mid-February, we returned to Tashkent, where we are still.