Pepe Le Puke
In transit: Migration of Body and Home
About the project
It is a personal and introspective journal that chronicles the transformative journey of an individual both through physical relocation and a profound internal change.

At the intersection of the artist’s relocation from a place they called home for a significant part of their lives, and the commencement of a hormonal treatment.

The narration of recordings from different places is a personal study by the artist of their changing body, its own canvas. This intimate dialogue between the artist and their body unveils a deep connection between internal and external migration, a migration of the self.

Through the artist’s introspection, the journal becomes a mirror reflecting our shared human experience of change, growth, and the quest for a place where both body and soul find resonance.
About the author
Pepe Le Puke, a boundary-defying artist, excelling in performance, filmmaking, and DJing, embarked on a nomadic journey in 2020. After 13 influential years in London since his 2007 migration, Pepe’s search for a new home led him through Poland, Madrid, Zurich, and more, imprinting his diverse work. While he roamed, Poland’s essence continued to infuse his creations. He starred in A. Blonska’s "Orlando. Biografie" at Warsaw’s Theater Powszechny and M. Szumowska’s film "Kobieta z…". A "Dochodzę" collective member, Pepe co-crafted "Fuck it!", exhibited at FDS Festival in Lausanne and Warsaw’s PPF Festival.

Collaborations underline his commitment to collective creativity and innovative expressions. As part of "SUABO", he engineers raves fusing music, art, and community, reshaping the notion of home into a dynamic space of evolving creativity. Pepe Le Puke’s narrative embraces both physical and artistic migration, celebrating curiosity and perpetual creative growth.