Radu-Mihai Tănasă/part of Apartament 6
About the project
(scape)Goat presents a short story about what it feels like to not fully fit in as a Romanian in The Netherlands. It explores how time is perceived through a variable, which is identity, and how that perspective shapes your perception of both the world around you and your own self. The movie follows the journey of an odd, unnamed character who seems to get lost in the city of Amsterdam. Short clips seem to constantly interrupt the flow of the main narrative, and it quickly becomes clear that they also have a story to tell. Although these competing narratives seem disjointed at first, they are all fragments of a larger puzzle.
About the author
I am an aspiring artist, working mainly with themes related to migrant identity and cultural dysphoria; primarily focusing on techniques such as film, performance, and software art. I am currently taking inspiration from local Balkan traditions and a variety of turbo folk music known as manele to create experimental videos exploring Eastern European masculinity in the context of the migration experience.

For many of us in Romania and throughout the Second World, migration has become part of our identity since early childhood. People’s careers are now attached to a certain country beyond our borders. Want to be an engineer? Germany. Want to be a businessman? America. Want to be an artist? The Netherlands. The West has became our cubicles, oval offices and construction sites.