Vera Petrovskaia
Trust Fall
About the project
Ready answers. Good and clear. Or fall without safety equipment. Sewn with white threads or wise stability. Dubious choice or choice to doubt.

The video shows the word "freedom" in 6 languages. Languages that I understand to varying degrees, including an absolute lack of knowledge. But the word "freedom" has the same meaning everywhere, or maybe not.

English, Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian are the languages I work with within the framework of the Motshaleba charity organization, which helps Ukrainians who fled the war. Armenian and Azerbaijani are languages that my parents knew, but I don’t, because my family fled the Karabakh war.

Is there a correct spelling of the word "freedom" here, or should I write my own?
About the author
Vera Petrovskaya was born in 1989 in the Azerbaijan SSR, and moved to Russia with her family in 1990 because of the Karabakh war. She lived in a village in the Rostov region. In 2006, she moved to Moscow, where she received a higher education in psychology.

Since 2011 she has been studying and working in the field of commercial photography in Petrozavodsk. While living in Sochi, she became interested in contemporary art and video as a medium, and also participated in the Sochi Video Art Laboratory from 2020 to 2022.

At the moment she is living in Tbilisi.