Wieslawa Nowicka
Into the Dark of My Skin
About the project
A bird’s eye view to look at all possible perspectives. Mutated and shared bodies visually only meet in one spot, never meeting in a second. Their virtual encounter is a need that satisfies and nourishes the fetal and its obsolete memory.

The video medium creates a ground that allows a meeting of… impossible bodies, different times and places.
About the author
I was born in Poland, but now I am living and working in Paris. With the help of various artistic forms, my interdisciplinary work explores the nuances between the perception of time, place and the sensation of our body, which are not always consistent with belonging to one or more worlds. I wonder about past and future connections, those that are forgotten or imagined. The use of video art, media and space is a form of dialogue and insight into these reflections; a voluntary or involuntary sharing of sensations.