Zanré Reed
In the Backseat
About the project
The Bishkek Diaries | Episode One: Buckling up in Bishkek | Audio/Podcast Series

Step into my inner world as a South African citizen relocating to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. A city that can only exist (for me) somewhere between reality, imagination, and sound. The Bishkek Diaries podcast is Kyrgyzstan’s first narrative audio documentary podcast guided by existential themes, and playful audio encounters with spaces, voices, and sounds in this post-Soviet city of Bishkek. Season One explores themes of transit, borders, identity, access, and belonging. "Buckling Up in Bishkek" follows my transit into Kyrgyzstan and explores the topic of seatbelts from the backseat of a Yandex taxi.
About the author
Born and raised in South Africa, I capture moments of action and contemplation through sound and documentary form. Subjects in my work are often caught in-between states; between gestures of action and lucid daydreams; both being and "not being there". Through a contemplative gaze of ordinary domestic life my work places a finger on our collective capacity for existential wandering. I work as an assistant professor of Podcast Production, Photography and Documentary Filmmaking at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek and am the founder and host of The Bishkek Diaries podcast.