About the project
The work is dedicated to the personal emigration experience. It demonstrates a new travel mechanism. If in the past trips were dictated by a personal desire to leave, then emigration is mostly forced trips. In the new reality, we have to adapt to others' living standards, someone else’s mentality, other people’s rules. The world is getting more closed, even though you live in a new country. Constant new introductions, rules that apply only to you, are not the best passport for travel. Forced leaving the country where you are living is inconsistent with your desires, rhythm, and finances. This artwork shows fatigue forced, misunderstanding what you basically can call your own, except for your body. In a new life, where you went mostly forced, the immigrant experience feels like losing yourself, that part of freedom that was possible to save before.
About the author
The author was born in Chelyabinsk on March 15, 1985. He graduated from the Chelyabinsk Humanitarian Institute with a degree in Architectural Environment Designer in 2002−2007. In 2009−2010, he was one of the organizers of the exhibition association "Svoy vzglyad" for young artists in Chelyabinsk. Since 2021, he has been creating physical paintings and digital artworks. In October 2022, the author left Russia for Turkey, where he continued art studies.